Friday, January 9, 2015

The Power of Love

No – this isn’t a story about hover-boards or DeLoreans, but it does show what can be achieved by sparing a moment to “touch base” with your customers.

Marine and vehicle valeting company Top Shine Valeting has been using our text messaging service for the last 10 months to give tips, hints and offers to their customer base. Shortly before Christmas, they decided to send a festive message to all their customers.

It doesn’t take long or cost much and the immediate effect was a reply from one customer to say: “Thanks for the message, that’s reminded me I need my motorhome cleaned, please can I book at appointment”. That’s at least a 1500% return on the cost of sending the message. But the power of this approach is that it keeps Top Shine in the customer’s minds, so even if they don’t respond immediately, it will generate a steady flow of business over the coming weeks.

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